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     Bail Bonds in Sacramento, Ca!

At 510 Bail Bond - Sacramento Bail Bonds we believe in your right to bail! We also believe you should not have to pay more then you are legally obligated to.  We are proud to be one of the only Bail Bonds in Sacramento that does not charge additional bond fees and offers 8% bail.

Sacramento Bail Bonds

Our Sacramento Bail Bonds division provides bail bonds to the city of Sacramento, Ca and surrounding areas. The jails we most commonly serve are the Sacramento Main Jail and the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center. Anyone arrested in the cities of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Galt, and some parts of Folsom, will be booked into the Sacramento Main Jail Facility. Inmates incarcerated at these facilities will likely be required to appear at the Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice located at 651 I Street in Sacramento, Ca. 

510 Bail Bond is a privately owned and operated company, not a large corporation. We take your individual right to reasonable bail personal. Our agents have been individually selected for their experience, understanding, and passion for helping others in their time of need. Our clients are not numbers, nor are they simply  subjects of arrest. They are members of our community who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation, and are now in need of our help to restore their personal freedom so they may return to their normal lives. We understand someone’s arrest doesn’t just affect the individual themselves, but everyone around them. We wouldn’t trust our personal freedom to just anyone, and neither should you.

Bail Bonds Family



510 Bail Bond can post bail at any jail in California. Any one of our Agents can work with you regardless of where you are, or where your friend or loved one is being held. Our Agents are experienced in handling long distance situations and will guide you through the process.

For information about bail bonds in the Bay Area visit one of the following pages: Bail Bonds Oakland, Bail Bonds San Francisco, Fremont Bail Bonds.

a Little History

surety bail bonds are confirmed to have been used all the way back to the days of ancient Greece. Wealthy individuals or family members would deposit funds or even use livestock as collateral to secure the release of a defendant and guarantee their appearance in public trails. Unlike the modern day bail system, citizens were very unlikely to be given this option even for simple crimes. The first confirmed adoption of bail in the United States dates back to 1776 in the state of Virginia's constitution. At that time it simply stated  "excessive bail ought not to be required..." later in 1785 they added that bail should be given for those who’s crimes are not punishable by life or limb.

Top Rated Bail Bonds Sacramento
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Lisa M
02/27/2013 11:02:16 pm

Thank you!

Very polite and professional. They even came to my home to do the paperwork. It made things soooooo much easier. Thank you!
Jamie P
02/26/2013 10:02:46 pm

The Best!

I can't thank you guys enough! Hopefully I never have to use a bail bonds again, but if I do, I know who to call. :)

Anyone’s first thought upon being arrested is “how do I get out of jail? and fast!” The most common way to secure someone’s release is by bail bond. However, there are more ways than one. Click here to learn more about bail bonds and how they work. Click here for What to do before and after you have been arrested.

What Are The Charges?

Getting the phone call that your friend or loved one has been arrested and not being provided with any information can be frustrating and frightening. In Sacramento it is common to find that a friend or loved one is being held on charges with no detailed explanation of the accusations other than a simple number referring to a penal code, health and safety code, or motorvehicle code. a 510 Bail Bond Agent can explain the charges and help you arrange bail for a fast release!


The need for Bail Bonds usually comes at the worst of times. At 510 Bail Bond our goal is to make this already inconvenient situation as easy and affordable as possible. With 510 Bail Bond - Sacramento Bail Bonds, there is no need to wake up the kids or drive to an office location miles from your home. We will come to you for all necessary paperwork and transactions. With 510 Bail Bond you can expect to receive the best customer service of any Bail Bonds in Sacramento, Ca. You don’t have to pay more or settle for poor customer service. Call 510 Bail Bond and experience our top rated services for yourself.

There is no need to leave your home! Our Agents will come to you or meet you at a location of your convenience. Release times at the Sacramento Jail vary and in some cases can take up to 4 hours, so why be forced to wait at an office? We also provide affordable payment options with down payments as low as 3%!

Still Have a question?

Look over our frequently asked bail bonds questions or call one of our knowledgeable agents for more information. You can always reach us at 1-855-510-BAIL.

510 Bail Bond
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Top rated bail bonds company in Sacramento, Ca providing convienent and affordable bail bonds services.
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