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Getting arrested and booked into the Sacramento Jail can be a terrifying experience. What can be just as terrifying is choosing the wrong bail bonds in Sacramento. You may have seen commercials from bail bonds companies boasting their size, corporate structure, or in some cases their social status. Doing business with a bail bonds company should not be treated as a simple drive-thru transaction. After all, according to law, you or your loved one are being released into the custody of such bail bonds company. They legally have the right to release themselves of liability by re-arresting and surrendering a defendant at any time. Through a simple internet search you can see that many companies you have likely heard much about on television and radio have been found guilty of various misconduct, yet remain in business to this day. Such examples show that bigger is not always better!

Although there are many reputable Sacramento bail bonds, there are also those you should be wary of. We always recommend avoiding those who offer illegal discounting and exchanges, as well as companies with a history of negative action and license suspension with the California Department of Insurance. You can check any company’s licensing status and history by visiting insurance.ca.gov.



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If you, a friend, or loved one are in need of bail bonds in Sacramento we are here to help! Our local Agents are on call 24 hours a day to assist you in your time of need. We wouldn’t trust our freedom to just anyone, and neither should you. Why you should choose us for Sacramento Bail Bonds.

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