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I have been Arrested what should I do?

When being questioned, detained, or arrested by law enforcement you have several rights. It is always in your best interest to understand them and use them appropriately.

Disclaimer: The information below is not intended to provide legal advice, but is intended to inform you of the common situations we regularly encounter while attempting to secure a defendant’s release.

1. Use your rights! - You have the right to remain silent and it is always recommended that you use this right for many reasons. Being arrested or questioned by law enforcement can be an emotional experience likely to trigger you to say things you may regret and would not regularly say. This is why law enforcement must inform you, “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”.  They fully intend to use all of your your actions and statements against you. By making any early statements(even if they are not referring to the accusations against you) you may hinder your ability to be released from jail on O.R. or by bail bond. In many cases clients have had their bail amount increased or revoked because of statements made to law enforcement during or after the arrest. It is important to avoid compromising options for your potential release.

2. Cooperate during the booking process - Just like remaining silent, cooperation is key as well(this does not mean talk! Talking to a corrections officer could be just as damaging to your case as talking with the arresting officer). In many cases, we have had bail arrangements made for clients for several hours but have been unable to secure their release because of being difficult to book. This is common with incidents involving drugs or alcohol, but they also occur with sober individuals as well. You cannot be released until you are booked, so do not slow the process down.

3. Call a Sacramento Bail Bonds, Fast! - Even though you may have remained silent and cooperated, you may still end up being a victim of time. Occasionally clients have received bail amounts immediately after booking, but then hours later after a review of the police report become ineligible for release. At any time a judge has the right to review, increase, and revoke bail amounts. For certain charges this happens regularly. Your best chance for release is to make arrangements as soon as possible.

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